Sverniciante non tossico, base acida attiva. Tissotropico, applicabile su superfici verticali, inclinate.

Specifiche: AMS 1376B

Approvazioni: Air Canada Spec. 3135-00-007, Revision “D”; Approved by Continental; Boeing Aircraft Maintenance Manuals; Boeing D6-17487, Revision “M” Immersion Corrosion Test (except cadmium plated steel and magnesium); Boeing AMM 737, 747, 757, 767, 777; The Boeing Company DPM 5619; Airbus 12-014A; BAE Systems, Ref. MDE.DW.0001.08; Bombardier BAPS 180-006; Embraer ETD 2013-145-017501; United Airlines Material Number STR 3753-15; Delta Airlines Specification 900-1-4-No. 4

Confezioni: Fustino 25 lt.; fusto 208 lt.

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